10 Signs You Hired the Wrong Criminal Attorney

When it comes to criminal cases, slightest of mistakes can put you under a lot of trouble, especially if you’re defending it. So, in order to minimize the chances of errors, you need to take every single step cautiously and carefully, and that means, you need to be vigilant while choosing your lawyer. Anyhow, people seldom consider these things. In fact, most of the following mistakes have become quite common:

1. Avoiding Verification of the Lawyer

Do you know you can test the reliability of the Mississauga criminal defense lawyer by calling and talking to someone in the bar association. You can also check the website of law firms and see if they’re listed. By the way, Rick Patel is the name you can trust blindly.

2. Ignoring their Practices and Client Dealing

Don’t get impressed by the name and reputation. Observe how well they treat their clients. Remember, you’re facing serious charges and you need someone who can pay undivided attention on your case.

3. Don’t Care Who Fights the Case

In connection to the point above, it’s also very important to know who will be representing you in the court. This is where many people tend to show ignorance. They think all the lawyers of the firm are the same, no matter who goes to the court. But, this is not true.

4. Lack of Information

You want to communicate everything to your criminal lawyer Mississauga. You cannot rely on your mind and tongue. There are many things that might come into your mind after the meeting. So, the best way is, write everything down on the paper and let the lawyer go through it and ask related questions.

5. Not Considering Local Attorney

A local criminal attorney would be better. Why? He knows the condition, the court, the judges, and the atmosphere better than anyone else. He will be well aware of the procedures and documentations as well.

6. Don’t Know What Malpractice Insurance Is

Ask about malpractice insurance. If the criminal lawyer you’re considering doesn’t carry this type of insurance, you might consider using another lawyer to be on the safe side.

7. Going for Affordability Vs Quality

Not all criminal lawyers that are good at what they do charge outrageous fees. By doing a little homework, you can likely find one in your area that’s both affordable and reliable.

8. Going after Advertising

Don’t base your selection on advertising alone. Base your decision on the lawyer’s experience, credentials and referrals from others he has represented when possible.

9. Overbearing Attorneys

Watch out for overbearing attorneys that try to coax you into taking their advice without carefully listening to your needs and wants. A good criminal lawyer will sincerely care about your needs, and he/she will listen to your explanations carefully and exercise discernment before blurting out answers.

10. Not Taking Time to Think

Choose a criminal lawyer that’s willing to give you breathing room without pressure. When a court case is in process, it’s not uncommon to prolong things while making decisions. It’s important that you have ample time to think things through when making crucial decisions that may possibly affect you, your family and your business for years to come.


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