Online scratch cards are among the fast-paced casino games you’ll encounter at the best Polish casinos. The game offers a fun and easy way to earn real money online without having a large betting bankroll.

Like other games of chance, winning while playing real money scratch cards entirely depends on luck. While we can’t guarantee you a 100% win every time you play scratch cards, our gambling expert, Jacek Michalski, is here to give tips you can use to improve your odds of winning.

Don’t Buy Cheap Cards

Several scratch cards are available online, so choosing the right one can be confusing. These cards come in different designs, themes, prizes, and prices. It becomes imperative to get acquainted with these cards before you start playing.

While most players want to opt for cheap cards, we recommend that Polish players avoid them. According to Jacek Michalski, “Tanie karty mogą oferować tylko niewielkie wypłaty. Dlatego grając w zdrapki online za prawdziwe pieniądze zawsze lepiej wybierać te droższe. Cheap cards equal low prize pools.

One of the best ways to increase your winning chances while scratching online is to purchase higher-priced cards.

Compare the Odds

Don’t buy scratch cards blindly because of the brand without comparing the odds. The odds determine your chances of winning. Scratch cards are a game of chance, and buying the ones with higher odds is the best way to improve your winning chances.

Fortunately, online scratch cards become more and more popular in Poland every day. So, it shouldn’t be difficult to find several options with great odds to pick from.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to assume that all scratch cards are the same. This is not true. Some cards offer better odds of winning, and when it comes to scratch cards, winning lots of small wins, here and there, matters.

Buy in Bulk

Another tip you can use to improve your winning chances is to buy the cards in bulk. Instead of buying one scratch card, you can purchase up to 10 cards of the same game at once. Some players believe that buying scratch cards in bulk can increase your winning chances. The reason is that they often place a win frequency throughout the cards.

So if you buy plenty of cards at once, you are likely to hit one of the planted winning scratch cards. However, this is only possible for players with a larger betting bankroll.

Play Them like Slots

Just like slots, online scratch cards are also a game of luck. Certain players believe that a slot that hasn’t payout for long has a high chance of offering a jackpot win.

You can also apply the same tactic to scratch card games. While this doesn’t guarantee you a win, it’s worth a try. Online scratch card players can communicate with the storekeeper to know if they have had any recent winning tickets.

Set Your Budget

While this tip doesn’t guarantee that you can win more or less, it’s an excellent tactic that helps keep you in check. Scratch card game is fun to play, so it’s easy to get addicted. Because of that, we recommend creating a betting budget before you start wagering on online scratch cards.

It helps you monitor how much you spend on these games. It could be daily, weekly or monthly – depending on your preferences. While setting a budget is easy, it’s always difficult to stick to it. Ensure you’re strict with your budget to avoid spending over your means.

Check All Your Cards – Even the Losing One

Whether you win or lose, ensure you turn all your tickets in. Though the game is relatively simple, the rules can change at any time depending on who’s making them. So you cannot be sure until you have the tickets checked. There might be an error, or you can miss a winning combination. Don’t be surprised if you end up winning.

Study the Scratch Cards

The Singleton method is a trick used by experienced scratch card players to improve their chances of winning. It involves analysing the design and layout to determine patterns that offer cues as to whether a scratch card has numbers or combinations that can lead to a win.

Players should keep in mind that some manufacturers always discover this strategy and design their cards to prevent it. But you can still use it on scratch cards with numbers visible on the side.


Online scratch cards are fun to play online, but winning is based on chance. However, we have provided you with tips on how to improve your winning chances. W hile this can’t guarantee a 100% win, there’s no harm in trying your luck to improve your winning odds.