Best Vacuum Cleaner from Bagless to Bagged and Cordless to Corded

Choosing the best cleaner is as important as cleaning our home and surroundings. Cleaning can be a tiring job with traditional cleaning tools but not with modern technology. With the help of a vacuum, cleaners’ cleaning has become not only easy but also time-saving.

Therefore, you need not spend most of the time cleaning; instead, you can save time on things that interest you. Also, we have made a list of the few best vacuum cleaners so that you can choose according to your taste and choices.

This article will help you in finding a suitable vacuum cleaner for you.

  • MC-CL163 Bagless vacuum cleaner

This Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best vacuum cleaners you can find. It is designed in such a manner that it does not compromise with the eco. As it has all new power-saving suction, it lets you clean your home in less time without consuming much electricity.

It is also equipped with an air dust catcher that attracts the dust particles from the air in one go. So not only your floor but also the air till 30 cm from your floor will be dust-free. So make this all-new economical vacuum cleaner yours. Yes, it’s economical as bagless, so you need not spend money on replacing the bags. Also, it has a 3 step nozzle that lets it reach the corners and clean the surroundings conveniently.

  • Milagrow Robotic Floor Cleaner White (Seagull)

This robotic floor cleaner works with Gypro Mapping, which makes S patterns that make the cleaning effective. Its suction power is designed so that its sensors detect the minute dust particles over the surface. So it cleanses the stubborn dust stuck to the floor without leaving a trace of the pet’s hair follicles also.

You can control it through a mobile app and change the modes of cleaning and the directions; also, you can schedule your cleaning time and switch the power of suction. Its mop has specially installed microfibers for a modest wet mopping and can hold eight times more water than its weight. The best part is that it does not have any water tank for that. You can also opt to buy Robotic Vacuum Cleaners on EMI at Bajaj Mall and even wish cashbacks and much more!

  • Eureka Forbes Portable Vacuum Cleaner Dark (Stellar)

As its name, Eureka Forbes Portable Vacuum Cleaner signifies it comes with top-notch quality wheels for easy and convenient movement and handling. These attached wheels make it easier for you to clean the space along with its action. Its powerful suction enables it to deliver a clean and tidy area to you as it grasps fine dusty particles.

Not only this, it has various features that can make your task more manageable and less time-consuming. Even its twin parking position lets you store it easily anywhere. Being compact and durable, it will be your next best friend for cleaning your premises. Also, you can get this on the Bajaj Finserv market through no-cost EMI.

  • Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner Black (ROBO VAC N MOP)

The versatility of the vacuum cleaner makes it stand out among others. At a time, you will get a robot that sweeps the clutter and dust and mops it along with disinfecting the space, thus making the cleaning easy and convenient for you. It comes with a powerful suction that cleans the dust perfectly with its high suction and leaves a dust-free space every time you use it.

Also, it has no cord attached to it, so it provides you with a convenient cleaning making your space clutter-free without any hassle. It comes with a remote control system that helps you control it from a distance; you can also change the mode from the remote itself.

For availing of all these excellent vacuum cleaners on EMI at the best possible prices, you can go to the Bajaj Mall website. You can bring home the best vacuum cleaner with just a click. All you need to do is visit the website and choose among the various options.


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