Best Ways to Pack Books for Storage

You’ve likely built up a large library if you are a book lover over the years. All the books that you’ve accumulated, whether they are childhood favorites or modern thrillers can take up space in your home. It can be difficult to deal with heavy books if you have to move them or store them to make the house more spacious . It is not possible to give up on your books. We understand the pain of book jackets that are squished, bent, or with pages that have been torn. How can you make moving your books safer and easier? This guide will help you pack your books safely and securely.

Why Store Books in a Storage Box?

You won’t be able to keep all your books displayed unless you have a large house with lots of rooms. Instead of storing them in drawers or closets under your bed, put them on display in a storage container. Some storage units are not suitable for books storage, especially if they will remain there for a long period of time. Because moisture and temperature fluctuations can cause mold and mildew, and lead to paper deterioration, you will need to keep it dry. You should consider a climate controlled storage unit that can maintain a consistent temperature. Your books will live a long time without irreversible damage. Once you have found the right storage unit, it is time to pack and prepare your books for storage.

Sort your Books Collection

Browse through your book collection before you start packing books. Sort your books according to priority. This will make it easier to move and pack your books. Divide your books into two piles, one for storage and one for keeping. Another pile could be made for donations. Donated books are often collected by thrift shops, charity stores, schools, libraries, and other institutions such as churches, schools and libraries. It’s difficult to part with certain books but it’s better than to give them away, especially if they’re not going to be used again.

Once you have your stack of books ready to go, you can sort them by author, genre or any other way that you prefer. You could also group them by their size and weight to make packing easier. Clean them, and make sure they are free from any personal items or notes. Once you have sorted your library and determined how many books you need, you can plan your storage budget and determine how much you will spend to rent a storage unit. Make sure you get a storage unit large enough to hold all your books. Also, consider how long you will be using it. Once you’re done with this step, you can start to select the packing materials and any other items that you may need for your storage unit.

The Best Packing Materials.

Books are not only fragile, but they can also be very heavy. You will need strong packaging materials to protect your books. You will need cardboard boxes that are the same size to stack them. You will need cardboard boxes that are approximately 1.5 feet in size. Also, ensure they can hold the weight. Some boxes have weight ratings. You will also need sturdy packing tape, bubble wrap, packing papers, blank newsprint, or card pieces to seal the boxes. You can also get a marker to label the boxes. You could also purchase organization products for your storage unit. You should not store books in the original boxes they came in. Instead, use pallets. You will need shelves if you don’t have any.

Packing Hardcover Books

Bubble wrap and packing paper are two of the best ways to pack books. Add bubble wrap to the bottom and then place the books. You can start with the largest books, and then move on to the lighter and smaller ones. Wrap the covers individually in packing paper, and place them upright in the box, spine facing the box’s sides, to protect them. To ensure that the spines of valuable and first edition books remain straight, place a piece of paper inside the cover. To prevent books from falling, fill the gaps with bubble wrap or rolled up packing paper. Don’t overfill the boxes, as they could burst.

Packing Paperback

Paperbacks can be stacked on top of each other, unlike hardbacks. For extra protection, place the spine on the opposite side of the box. If you wish, you can combine hardcovers with paperbacks and pack them together. You can fill any spaces with packing paper, seal the boxes and label them.

Prepare to Transport

If you have a van, put your books on the ground. If the boxes can be securely secured so that they won’t move or fall over, stack them. Don’t worry if you don’t own a van or a large vehicle to transport your books to the storage facility. You can follow the advice of experts at and search for the best moving company in your region. You can rest assured that your books will be transported safely to their new homes with the assistance of professional movers.

Last Words

The lack of space is a major problem for book lovers. We offer storage units because we know that every problem can be solved. Book collectors can keep their treasured books safe in climate-controlled storage units that can be kept for many years. You can also use our guide to packing books for storage to keep your books safe and intact.

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