How Do I Make A Small Work Office At Home?

When it comes to working from home, you’re going to want to know the ins and outs of what makes an excellent office to make you comfortable while you are doing it. You want productivity to be high and distraction low, so you’ll need to know what to consider when it comes to getting started with a small work office.

Naturally, everyone responds differently to certain home comforts, and what might work for one may not be as simple for someone else. There are a few things that you can do to help yourself, and it all starts with the worktop. You’re going to want to find a comfortable desk, as well as a good chair before you consider anything else in your office.

Organization is of vital importance with a small work office, as there isn’t always enough space to leave things lying around or have wires flying in from here, there, and everywhere. Cable clips are a great way to help tackle the issue of random and obnoxious wires, and we encourage you to look into them once you’ve found the desk that’s right for you!

What Makes A Good Workspace At Home?

As we’ve already mentioned, a good workspace helps you to stay focused and productive, while avoiding any usual homely distractions. You’ll want to make sure that your desk is clean and looked after, with very little clutter around to distract you from your tasks. It’ll have to be just big enough to accommodate either a laptop or a desktop computer, but the exact dimensions are more personal than anything else.

Clutter is generally the first step that leads to confusion and disarray in a usual day while working from home, which is why it’s wise to consider ways to streamline your clutter and avoid it altogether. Drawers underneath your desk are a good way to tackle this, to hide unwanted items that you might need later.

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What Is A Good Size For A Small Home Office?

There are a few things to consider when it comes to sizing your home office. Not everyone has expansive space in their house and needs to be a lot less picky. Generally, the room itself doesn’t need to be that large, it just needs to be enough to make you feel comfortable and happy to work inside it.

There’s no specific measure for how large a desk should be either, but generally, people are happy with a 150cm wide desk, that comes up to about 75cm high. Again, this is all personal, so don’t be too worried if these numbers don’t work for you!

What Do I Need To Put In A Home Office?

Again, this comes down to what makes you feel most comfortable working from home. Generally, you’ll need a laptop or desktop, and they don’t come without their share of wires and chargers that need to be looked after. That’s where we come in of course, and we hope you’ll consider cable clips as a good way to look after the cluttered wires that will inevitably be arranged around your office.

On top of the wires and the computers, you’ll probably want to think about having a coaster for drinks (though it’s not always encouraged to drink around electronics) as well as a few drawers to hold spare stuff. A printer is a good idea if your work requires physical sheets of paper, or if you just find it easier to read data off of the paper. You can’t go wrong with a lamp either (again, make sure that cable is well looked after if you use one!)


So as you can see, there are plenty of choices out there when it comes to making yourself comfortable in a workspace while at home. The biggest point we want to raise, is that the cables that will come with your workspace can generally get quite messy and lead to unwanted distractions (or even hazards if you’re not careful).

With our cable clips you can be sure to find your cables no longer present much of a problem in your home office. You’ll be able to knuckle down and focus on your work easily now that your cables are all tucked away out of sight!