Dream Design Property was founded by Zaki Ameer in Australia. Online criticism has been leveled against their real estate mentoring services, so let me explain.

I have been writing my blog as an Australian for many years. My goal is to give consumers unbiased information. It shouldn’t be sugarcoated or negative. Despite being a real optimist, I am able to recognize fake news as well.

I have also experienced low returns on property investments as a fellow investor. Now my goal is to increase return on investments. I hope this helps. I’ve helped thousands of Australians through my free training course. Come back later for more information.

Zakai Ameer’s work: some reflections

In the past few years, I have learned much from Zaki Ameer. Nathan Birch was one of my favorite artists before he became famous online. I had hardly ever seen his work before this time. Things were different then.


I thought Zaki was a reputable individual. Expertise in real estate and property investments was well known to him, and he was praised for it. In addition, he had seen some positive results in the past. As a migrant, he brings a go-getter perspective to his role.

Zaki Ameer has been negatively portrayed in the media for a long time now. He owes money to many people. Zaki’s episode of A Current Affair made me smile despite the fact that I don’t usually listen to journalism.

Dream Design Properties is the topic of this article

Dream Design Do specializes in long-term strategy consulting and property mentoring. The company has received many positive reviews from past customers. It has also received complaints.

I found these reviews regarding Dream Design Property:


  • Having a long-term plan (20 years or more) will increase your chances of success.
  • Each family’s specific needs and goals are addressed by us
  • If you don’t do it, you’ll be hassled (but will you get a refund?).
  • DDP services are praised by David Kochie
  • Property publications and mainstream media have published a lot of content on the topic
  • Right now, they are offering free property advice
  • It is exciting to see how many educational options are available for free

Digitizing assets

Digital assets are my favorite assets. The Australian property market is currently declining with low consumer confidence and provides a better cash flow. I recommend rethinking your strategy.

Australian property investors now know about this. The Dream Design Do strategy is a good one, but it does not earn very much money. It is difficult for most people to leave their job within two to three years despite wanting to do so. Luckily, I left earlier than most people did.

Thousands of people have been inspired to undertake new adventures as a result of my journey. Learn all you need to know with our free online course. Due to its availability in Australia and New Zealand, it will be easy to use for beginners. Access to the 4 modules is restricted to your email address, which is protected. Your trustworthiness is crucial.

Finally, let me say this:

Despite its good reputation, Dream Design Do needs to improve.

The number of complaints against property mentoring companies is too high. As a percentage, dozens of them is too high.

It is likely that a company that operates at this scale will experience a few minor setbacks. Customer satisfaction is near impossible.

Why should Zaki be recommended over other options? Depending on the information provided to you, you should make a decision. A person may be unhappy or happy depending on the information they receive.

Although it has had a bad press history, Dream Design is still serving clients across Australia.

In just a few years, Zaki Ameer built a portfolio of ten rental properties worth $3 million, despite not understanding the market cycle.

An investor named Zaki bought a Port Macquarie house in 2008 for $80,000 after the GFC.

The type of financing he wanted was not available to Zaki. Zaki’s property had been burned down, with all three bedrooms requiring extensive repairs; however, after looking for a contractor for three months, it was renovated and sold for $ 285,000, making him a profit of $ 100,000.

Aside from being an author, Zeki founded Dream Design Property (DDP Property) to help others become successful real estate investors.

Now is the best time to buy, according to Zaki. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Some buyers become caught up in ‘analysis paralysis’ when buying a property, and they wait and wait for the ‘perfect’ deal instead of purchasing a good property that will appreciate over time.