Nutravit Weight Loss Drops Review: The Best Product for Quick & Safe weight Loss

Because of the nature of your profession, it might not always be possible to hit the gym and train for weight loss. However, all is not lost. To help you, there are the Nutravit diet drops to lose weight in a month.

When you read of being able to lose weight in a month, you might think it is marketing hype. However, Nutravit diet drops testimonials prove otherwise.

It is very possible to lose between 1 to 2 pounds of weight a day when you embark using these diet drops. As you continue reading this write-up, you will see how this is possible, without working out or training.


How Nutravit Diet Drops help you lose weight in a month

Before you can take these weight loss drops, it is prudent to inform yourself fully about them. You need to know how these drops work.

Weight loss, gain and management is a very complex affair. Therefore, a simplistic approach cannot solve weight problems. This is why Nutravit Labs created science-backed weight loss drops.

They deliver the fat burner with a diet plan fashioned after the popular Dr. Simeons diet from the 1950s. This will help you lose weight effectively and painlessly.

Here are some of the most notable things about this product that you’ll not find in many weight loss drops reviews:

1. The drops increase your metabolic rate

According to an article on Harvard Medical School, slow metabolism means your body is burning fewer calories than it should!

This includes when you are active as well as when you are not active. When you are asleep, the body continues burning calories. However, if you have a sluggish metabolic rate, it will burn so few of them.

The experts at Nutravit Labs realized that for their under the tongue supplement to work, they would have to address the slow metabolism problems.

Thus, when you start taking these drops, you will experience weight loss in about seven days. Some people take slightly earlier or later to see results, but that’s the general checkline.

Your body will continue burning calories even when you are resting. The drops increase the basal metabolic rate, which means that you burn calories even when you are asleep.

Now, metabolic rate can be fast or slow, depending on age and genetics. Even if you think your metabolic rate is fast enough, you should still take these drops if you are struggling with weight.

These fat burning drops are non-prescription, are natural and they have no side effects. Anyone can take them as long as they are over 18 years old.

2. The diet drops curb your hunger pangs

Second to snail-slow metabolism, weight gain from consuming more calories than your body needs for your daily activities.

Now, the body is engineered on the concept of “waste not want not.” What this means is that you do not excrete the extra calories that you get from excessive eating.

Rather, the body converts them into fat and stores them. It does this in anticipation that in future, it can burn the fat for energy if you do not eat.

What the body does not understand is that you do not eat because you are hungry. Most of the time, you reach for that second helping of doughnut, fries, chicken or other food because you are addicted to food!

Luckily, Nutravit Labs understands this very well. That’s why their weight loss drops will help to kill your hunger pangs.

Imagine having a fast metabolism and eating only when you need to eat and not when you want to eat. You will be able to maintain your weight just where you want it.

Remember, for these diet drops to help you, you need to take them with the VLCD – very low calorie diet of your choice (starting at 500 calories to 1200 calories).

Now, going on a VLCD means you are not consuming the requisite 2000 and 2500 calories for women and men per day.

If you drop your calorie intake this fast, your body could do a serious twist of hunger on you. This would be accompanied by headaches (from low blood sugar), weakness, nauseousness, and other symptoms.

This is where the diet drops come in! They keep hunger pangs away. They give your body the nutrients that it would have gotten from a full meal. Therefore, you end up losing weight as the body has to burn fatty acids to get energy.

3. The weight loss drops increase your energy levels

When you go on a low calorie diet, you will feel weak and queasy. However, this only happens when the body cannot access the fat stocks to burn them for energy.

However, when you go on a VLCD and take your diet drops for weight loss, you will have an easier time. This supplement is manufactured with tens of ingredients, all of them chosen because of their benefits to your body.

The diet drops not only suppress hunger pangs, but they also change how the body processes fat. Here are two ways in which they do this:

  • They enhance how the body releases fat from its stocks for metabolism
  • The drops also enhances the process of fatty acids transfer from various places to the cells for cellular metabolism
  • It contains ingredients that prevent the body from storing fat deposits

Faster fat transfer to the cells for metabolism ensures that the body breaks down fat for energy and heat. This is how you are able to continue working or doing your daily chores despite the consumption of low calories.

You will eat 500 calories in 24 hours, drink as much as you want from the allowed beverages and water.  To produce the energy that the body needs, it will break down the fat stocks.

Even if you want to work out, you will have sufficient energy and strength to do your exercises.

The Nutravit Promise – Lose at least 1 pound a day

The promise behind Nutravit diet drops is that they will help you lose between one and two pounds of weight a day.

In the 21 days of the Phase 2 where you take the drops thrice a day and take the low calorie diet, you can lose at least 21 pounds.

Nutravit does not stop at helping you lose unwanted weight with their liquid supplement. They go miles further and help you to keep the weight lost for a long time.

This happens in the maintenance phase, which will ensure that you keep the weight at just the required measure. It should neither fall nor rise above 2 pounds. There are measures to correct this if it happens.

After using the drops for 21 days, you can continue with another 21-day phase if you did not meet your weight loss goals.

By the time you are done with these fat burning drops, you will have changed from bad to good eating habits.

You will eat clean all the time and most importantly, you will be able to cultivate the discipline to stop eating as soon as you feel satisfied.


Several hundreds of testimonials and positive reviews from satisfied users show you can use Nutravit diet drops to lose weight in a month.

Just use the diet drops as advised. Do not stop using these diet drops after successfully meeting your weight loss goals. You can continue using them even after that, to manage your appetite and weight.

These are no prescription HCG drops that do not contain the hormone itself. However, the ingredients it contains will stimulate the hypothalamus gland, which controls metabolism and other vital processes.

The team at Nutravit Labs is very professional. You can get in touch with them if you have any questions regarding this fat burning supplement.

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