Whether off-site or on-site storage is best for your apartment complex depends on where you stand. If you are the owner of a self-storage company, certainly off-site would be better for you. However, if you are the owner of an apartment complex, or rent an apartment, having a storage option that is located right on the property has a lot of advantages. It turns out the renters would much rather having a place to live that offers secure storage bins than a place that doesn’t. Even to the point where they would be willing to pay more or move to another place to have it.

Apartments Without Storage Units

Multifamily apartment complexes house thousands of people. Each one of those people has stuff. Most of the stuff that they have will be useable items that they keep in their apartments. Some of that stuff will be things that they only use on occasion or stuff that they just want to keep around for sentimental reasons. Whatever the reasons or the extra stuff, they have it and they would prefer it to be out of the way. When there is no place to store extra belongings available, people will tend to get creative. Many tenants will use the extra space at the head of their parking place to store things. Other tenants will try to store extra belongings in the hallways of the building, while others will overstuff their balconies with extra stuff.

Unsecured personal effects tend to cause larger problems down the road. In the first place, extra bikes, strollers, BBQs and whatnot just sitting around collecting dust looks terrible. If hundreds of tenants in the complex are storing their extra things in plain sight of the world, it can end up looking really dirty and bad. Another thing that unsecured belongings do is attract thieves. When people that like to steal things discover a convenient place to steal stuff, they will most likely keep coming back to it.

When people have extra things to store, and they can afford to pay for a storage place, they will resort to self-storage sites and happily give their money to a third party that will happily receive it.

Apartments With Storage Units

When an apartment complex is equipped with secure, private storage bins the tenants are happy and the whole property is in better condition. Instead of unsightly piles of other people’s property, there will be nice, secure storage boxes or bins that provide privacy and security.

Apartments that provide secure storage units are much more attractive to prospective tenants that come to visit the place in order to rent an apartment. When people look for a new place to live they want to feel safe and secure in their new home. If they come to check out our property and all they see is ugliness and clutter, they might just move on to the next apartment complex and rent from them.

Perks of Installing Storage Bins

A respected company recently orchestrated a poll that revealed most of the people that rent from apartments would very much prefer to live in a place that offered secure storage, than not. In fact, these same people mentioned that if they had an opportunity to have secure storage bins where they live they would be willing to pay a substantial amount of money every month on top of what they already pay for rent. Some of these people even said that they would pay over $100 more per month. That much money extra, per month, per apartment, could seriously raise the incoming money stream to a very high level.


There really is no comparison between on-site storage and off-site storage. Nobody wants to pay an extra amount of money per month and have to travel who knows how far to be able to access their property. People would much rather have a storage place that is right where they live and convenient for them to access. On-site storage wins in a landslide.