The legal document for the process of a lease is stated to be the rental agreement which helps to avoid any kind of fraud and confusion in the future for the landlord and tenant.

A mutual agreement on stated terms and conditions should be signed by both parties.

When the lessor and lessee sign the rental agreement or lease deed, they agree to the terms and conditions stated in the agreement.

As per the rental agreement, there will be a payment of rent deposit between the lessor and the lessee.

Rent Agreement Format

The format of the rental agreement includes detailed information on all the terms and conditions like rent payable, security deposit, revision of rent, and rent authority to determine the revised rent in case of a dispute.

This legal document can be referenced by courts during any disagreement as the rental agreement is forced by law.

You will have to pay Rs. 100 or more to print the rental agreement terms and conditions on a non-judicial stamp paper.

It is important that two copies of the rental agreement should be executed and both the parties should have one original copy each.

This agreement format holds the rights and obligations of landlord and tenant so that there is no confusion in the future.

Types Of Rent Agreement 

types of Rent Agreement 

It has become quite important to reserve the rights of landlord and tenant through legal documents.

According to the requirement of the tenant, the rental agreement is made. There are four main rental agreements which are explained in the below points:

  • Fixed-term or long-term lease agreement: The rental agreement will be for 12 to 15 months, hence, it is stated as a fixed-term or long-term lease agreement.
  • Short-term lease agreement: This rental agreement lasts from 3 to 6 months. This agreement is preferred by those landlords who are looking for a stable income or want to rent their property only for a short period of time. It should be noted that this lease agreement does not get renewed unless tenants ask for it. This type of lease agreement is also beneficial for the tenants when they are looking for a rental house on a short-term basis.
  • Rent-to-own lease agreement: This type of lease agreement is made when the buyer is provided with an option to rent that specific property for a certain period of time before they decide to buy the property. In this type of agreement, there are two kinds of rent-to-own agreements a lease option agreement, where buying the property is optional after the lease ends, and a lease-purchase agreement requires the tenants to buy the property once the lease agreement ends.
  • Month-to-month lease agreement: In this rental agreement, the rental lease gets renewed automatically every month until any of them provides a 30 days notice. This kind of rental agreement is the best option for those landlords who want to rent out their property for a shorter period of time.

Rent Agreement Format Pdf

There are different formats for different rental agreements and they are provided below in the PDF format:

Fixed-term or long-term lease agreement

Click here for the Fixed-term or long-term lease agreement Pdf

Short-term lease agreement

Click here for the Short-term lease agreement Pdf

Rent-to-own lease agreement

Click here for the Rent-to-own lease agreement Pdf

Month-to-month lease agreement 

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Rent Agreement Format In Word

You can also download the rental agreements of different types in word format. Click on the below links for easy access.

Fixed-term or long-term lease agreement

Click here for the Fixed-term or long-term lease agreement word file

Short-term lease agreement

Click here for the Short-term lease agreement word file

Rent-to-own lease agreement

Click here for the Rent-to-own lease agreement word file

Month-to-month lease agreement 

Click here for the Month-to-month lease agreement word file

House Rent Agreement Format

There is a legal contract that is used by the landlords which specify the details of rent to the tenant. This legal contract is called a house rent agreement.

house Rent Agreement 

Whether it is for a short period of time or on a long-term basis, you should enter into a house rental agreement.

The following elements are present in the house rent agreement format:

  1. The tenancy period will be declared. It is also explained that the rental agreement will be allowed only with mutual consent.
  2. It will be declared how much rent will be payable to the house owner or authorized person by the tenant. The date of payment every month will be mentioned.
  3. The tenant should pay some interest-free advance to the homeowner. The amount will be specified with proper acknowledgment. It is also specified that the tenant will be returned with their advance rent after adjusting the rent dues, house rent agreement format pdf, pdf rent agreement format in stamp paper, rent agreement format in Hindi pdf, rent agreement format in Marathi, shop rent agreement format in word. Maintenance charges, water charges, and cost of damages.
  4. The tenant will pay the electricity charges every month as per the meter reading to the electricity board.
  5. It is declared that the corporation property tax, sewage tax, or water charge will be payable by the house owner, however, the water consumption charge will be paid by the tenant periodically.
  6. The house owner agrees that the fittings and fixtures of the house are provided to the tenant in a good condition and the tenant will have to return the same to the house owner apart from normal wear and tear. If required, then damage costs will be reimbursed from the advance payment of the tenant by the owner.
  7. The tenant is agreeing on a “minimum stay” which is for a period of six months. Before leaving or vacating the house,  the tenant will provide a two months notice period. If the tenant is leaving on a shorter notice then they have agreed to pay two months’ rent to the homeowner.
  8. The tenant agrees that they will not sublease or sublet any part of the rented property. The rented property will be used only for residential purposes and not for any commercial or illegal purposes.
  9. The tenant agrees that they will keep the rented house and it’s surrounding clean and hygienic. If any permanent or structural change is required then the tenant will take prior consent from the house owner. The cost of any damage will be reimbursed from the advance payment of the tenant by the house owner.
  10. The house owner or any authorized person can come for an inspection of their property as and when required.
  11. The tenant agrees that they will not keep any pet animals on the rented property.
  12. The tenant agrees that while vacating the rental property, they will hand over all the main door keys, bedroom keys, tube lights, and bulbs along with the fittings, and EB cards to the house owner.

House Rent Agreement Format Pdf

It is important to sign the house rent agreement by both parties before you enter the rental property. Click on the below link for easy access to the PDF of the house rent agreement format.

Click here for rent agreement format Pdf

Rent Agreement Format In Stamp Paper

Rent Agreement paper in stamp paper

It is important to register the rental agreement so that it is legally validated. For this purpose, stamp duty is required to be paid by the house owner.

Stamp duty is necessary under Section 3 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899. Any rent agreement for more than a year requires to be registered. The homeowner and tenant, both have to get the rental agreement registered.

A sample of a non-judicial stamp paper of Uttar Pradesh is provided which contains all the relevant details of the rental agreement.

Rent Agreement Format In Hindi Pdf

The rent agreement format comes in different languages for the ease of both parties. The Pdf of the rent agreement in the Hindi language is provided in the below link for easy access.

Click here for rent agreement format in Hindi Pdf

Shop Rent Agreement Format

The rent agreement is done for commercial purposes as well. However, the terms and conditions related to it are quite different between the lessor and the lessee.

The following elements are stated in the commercial rent agreement format:

  1. Address of the property along with tenancy period and rental amount is specified in the rent agreement.
  2. The lessee agrees to pay the rent in a regular manner.
  3. The lessor agrees that the property handed over to the lessee is in a presentable manner and hence the lessee should also hand over the property in the same condition to the lessor while vacating the property
  4. The duplicate of this rental or lease agreement will be with the lessee and the original will be with the lessor.
  5. The lessee can make structural changes to the rental property after taking consent from the lessor.
  6. One month’s notice prior to vacating the property must be provided to the lessor by the lessee.

Shop Rent Agreement Format 

The shop rent agreement format is provided in a word file and Pdf in the below link.

Click here for shop rent agreement format in Pdf

Click here for shop rent agreement format in word file 


Q1: Why stamp paper should be used for a rental agreement?

Ans: It is important to register the rental agreement so that it is legally validated under Section 3 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899.

Q2: What are the rights of a landlord in a rental agreement?

Ans: The rights of the landlord in a rental agreement are the right to evict, charge rent according to the property, and temporary repossession of property.

Q3: What are the types of rent agreements?

Ans: The types of rental agreements are Fixed-term or long-term lease agreementsShort-term lease agreements, Rent-to-own lease agreements, and Month-to-month lease agreements. final expense life insurance marketplace.