Top reasons why you should select a CBSE Secondary school

A good school works on your child’s overall development of talents and values in addition to academic development. We should instill such principles in children at a young age to guarantee that they develop into successful adults who are also aware of their surroundings and the community.

Additionally, international schools in Pune city have a lot more of these characteristics. Students of an international school join a real, vibrant international community where they will have invaluable access to a wide range of cultures, beliefs, languages, and viewpoints. International schools strive to give your child the finest education possible.

The advantages of an international school don’t end here. You’ll see why the international school education community is becoming so significant as you read on.

Various Curriculums Included in International School

An international school education, as previously said, exposes your child to a variety of cultural backgrounds and linguistic traditions from throughout the world. This is only possible since every school has adopted extensive global curricula.

But with so many possibilities, picking the best one for your child can be challenging.  You may learn more about the different kinds of international school curricula and how to choose the best one for your child by reading the description that follows.

We can divide curriculums into two major categories

‍1. State or national curricula

The National Education Ministry or Board of certain countries or states develops and perfects these curricula. Additionally, every state or nation has its own teaching methods, beliefs, and values that they want its children to learn. International schools use one or more of these curricula to offer a variety of content and comfort to their students from all backgrounds and races.

There are countless instances all across the world, but some of the national and state curricula that foreign schools most frequently teach include those from the following nations:

  • Great Britain
  • France
  • India
  • United States
  1. Curriculums not country-specific

These curricula were developed by a recognized educational organization that is independent of any one nation in particular. They are frequently praised for their extensive reach and top-notch programmes for students after they graduate.

Additionally, compared to other curricula, non-country-specific curricula specifically adopt a more holistic learning approach.

For instance, the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) creates and oversees its own international curriculum, which is taught in about 5,200 schools worldwide and is well-recognized internationally. There are four different programmes that provide this curriculum:

  • IB Primary Years Program (PYP)
  • IB Middle Years Program (MYP)
  • IB Diploma Program
  • IB Career-related Program

Why Is Attending an International School Important to You?

The majority of educational institutions and the curricula they offer are focused on academic performance and results, which are insufficient for students in the twenty-first century. This is where foreign schools can help, as they work to advance both the academic performance and overall development of their students.

And that involves honing their innate talents or providing them with the resources and opportunities to develop new skills and ideals. Additionally, an international school places a high priority on the psychological health of its students. A worldwide perspective and exposure are made possible by attending an international school, as was already mentioned.

These are the advantages of attending an international school in Pune city above other educational institutions.

In addition to this, there are a few additional factors listed below that you ought to definitely consider in order for you as a parent or guardian to make a wise choice.

What Role Does Picking a CBSE Secondary school Play?

As was already said, The Central Body of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a reputable and well-known board from India. Thus, millions of parents and guardians prefer a CBSE Secondary school curriculum.

In order to adapt to a wide range of cultures and languages and to keep current with society, CBSE Secondary schools constantly reinvent themselves. The CBSE Secondary school curriculum adheres to a more application-based/practical philosophy of learning, which has earned them an all-time high success rate, in contrast to the old school memory-based learning.

By incorporating engaging and dynamic classroom lessons, entertaining extracurricular and co-curricular activities, and exciting clubs, the course structure places a strong emphasis on the academic and overall development of its students.

However, just like any other curriculum, CBSE Secondary schools have their own benefits and drawbacks. And as a responsible parent or guardian, you would seek to make an informed choice regarding your child’s education.

Advantages of CBSE board in International Secondary Schools

  • In contrast to other boards, the Secondary school curriculum at CBSE is simpler, which helps the kids study without stress.
  • The CBSE Secondary schools are easily accessible worldwide
  • In order for students to readily understand the courses when they go on to professional studies, the CBSE focuses mostly on mathematics and science.
  • Additionally, the CBSE conducts a number of talent search exams across the nation, awards scholarships to deserving applicants, and has a condensed syllabus for these exams. Therefore, talented candidates can benefit from these programmes.


In general, picking a certain curriculum will only provide you with limited insight into what a student is being taught. The real advantage depends on the secondary school you pick. In addition, a lot of international schools offer a holistic educational experience.

Therefore, it is up to you to pick the ideal one for your kid so they can learn and grow into successful individuals.


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