In a video posted online,gift from Britain, Ukrainian soldiers are seen patrolling to the ambush point with a large green tube, which is a gift from Britain. In 15 seconds, the soldier can unsling the weapon, unfold the aiming sight and release the safety catch. Then, he waits for the prey to appear. In the video, Russian tanks are shattered and Ukrainian soldiers are dead.

The Russian tanks are being destroyed with ease thanks to this new technology

The Javelin was developed by the British defence think-tank RUSI. Nick Reynolds said that the main charge of the Javelin is powerful enough to penetrate armour. This means that the Ukrainian army can easily destroy any type of tank. Moreover, the new weapon has no moving parts, which is great for maneuverability.

The Javelin is designed to punch through any armored vehicle and is able to penetrate any number of armored vehicles. The British military bought the new weapon and assembles it in Belfast. The javelin was first bought by the British Army about 10 years ago. Now, the UK has sent more than 4,200 of them to Ukraine. But before these missiles can hit a Russian tank, they need to destroy their own tanks first.

In the latest video,

a Ukrainian army unit was captured in ambush. The troops are carrying inexperienced tubes on their backs, which are called Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapons. This weapon is the result of years of research into weapons. It can be deployed in 15 seconds, unfolding the aiming sight and releasing the safety catch. The soldiers are waiting for their prey.

The British military has been delivering a gift to Ukraine to wreak havoc on the Russian army.

The British military has been sending the weapons to Ukraine since the start of the conflict. And now that the armed forces of both countries have a gift from Britain, they are beginning to take on the Russian army. And they’re getting pretty close. The NLAW has the ability to strike a tank at the rear.

In a video published by the Ukrainian military,

the inexperienced tubes were carried by the Ukrainian soldiers as they patrolled the ambush area. The NATO-supplied Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapons are smaller than Javelins, which cost a fraction of their cost and have a much shorter range. And they can be discarded after use.

While the Ukrainian military has started to attack Russian tanks with a Gift From Britain, the Russian military has retaliated with heavy artillery. The bombardment forced Russian authorities to evacuate two villages. In the meantime, the Ukrainian military has retaliated with a heavy fire, using their BTR-4 transporter. This is a gift from Britain.

The NLAW is a weapon that can kill an enemy at a distance.

Its range is not very long, but it does have an incredible range. Unlike a sniper rifle, it is useful for taking out armored vehicles in close combat or during ambush situations. It is a gift from Britain that will help the Ukrainian army fight Russian tanks in a way that it has never seen before.

The video also shows the NLAW being used on the ground in an ambush. The next generation light anti-tank weapon is half the weight of the Javelin, which is a gift from Britain. Its aiming sight is far more accurate, and it is far more effective in close-range combat than a sniper. The next generation light anti-tank missile is the perfect solution for the Russian armored army.

NLAWs are manufactured in Belfast,

Northern Ireland, and are a gift from the UK to Ukraine. The NLAW is used by the Ukrainian army to kill a wide range of targets. Currently, the NLAWs are used in a dozen different operations. These NLAWs are in service in more than 40 countries, and the Ukrainian military has been testing them for at least a decade.

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