One of the worst things you can experience is having one of your windows smashed on purpose by a criminal. It can catch you off guard and be a traumatising experience for your entire family. What is really important (and we know it’s hard) is to try and stay as calm as you can and not make any rash decisions. To help you prepare should the worst happen, today’s article covers the steps you need to take if you have to deal with having one of your windows smashed. However, these steps are merely what you should do before you Google “window repairs near me” and get a professional out to your home to replace the pane of glass.

Ensure The Exterior is Safe

The first thing to do in the event of a smashed window is to make sure that your property and the exterior is as safe as you can possibly get it. Providing that you have some gloves and are comfortable doing so, pick up the excess glass to avoid anyone slipping and getting seriously injured. Of course, we know that removing the excess glass doesn’t do much for your home’s security, but you still want to make sure the area is safe.

Once you’ve done this, we highly recommend calling a local window repair company as soon as possible, as you may need a particular shape of glass cutting to fit the frame.

Inform The Police

As soon as you have called a local window repair company, you need to get back on the phone and inform the police that your window has been intentionally smashed. They’ll be able to come out to your home to look at the area and determine whether it was a simple smash or if the window was compromised in a burglary attempt. They’ll check for whether tools have been left in the surrounding area and if there are any traces of blood around the exterior of your home.

Tell Your Neighbours

Once you have done both the above, the next thing to do is be considerate and tell your neighbours what happened. You never know they might have CCTV that you didn’t know about that might have captured the culprit that smashed your window. If they haven’t, it’s just a good thing to do to let them know just in case they want to put their own measures in place.

Preventative Measures To Put in Place

Once the ordeal has been dealt with, and your new window pane has been fitted, it’s now time to put some preventative measures in place. Of course, the best way to avoid the same thing happening again in the future is investing in a good set of double or triple glazed windows that are fitted to be airtight and made to the very highest of standards. Double and tripled glazed windows are not only great for retaining natural heat and reducing the amount of noise pollution that enters your home, but they are much stronger and harder to smash compared to single-pane windows.

You may also wish to get some window bars installed around the frame of your windows. However, just be aware that a criminal will still be able to smash your window(s) if they wanted to. Windows bars act as more of a security feature and can stop a burglar from entering your home. Visually they are also a deterrent because your home will look far harder to break into.

Installing some video cameras around the outside of your home can be a good way of deterring criminals too. If they are eyeing up your home and see the cameras, they will undoubtedly turn the other way as they won’t want to get caught.